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How will you tell how awesome you or your people are without a review? This is where our PDR 360 Reviews come to the resque.

Now, you can evaluate performance and encourage positive growth backed by qualitative and quantitative data.

For full details of our pdr360 process, time-scales and costs, please email us at PDR360@


Blackshaw Management Consulting is now the leading organisation providing development reviews for officers and staff of UK Students' Unions/Associations through our pdr36O review process. In the 2019/20 academic year we have already delivered over 130 individual reports and feedback sessions.

Why are we different? Paired with an independent expert to make the process a success & deliver each report with personalised feedback tailored to the individual

With our foundations in leadership/ management development and with a robust understanding of talent in the students unions sector, we’ve developed a reputation for being the ‘go to’ people for ‘everything 360 feedback’.

We provide individual online questionnaires for officers, managers and CEOs with the last also available as a much fuller process, pdr360 Plus.

pdr360 Plus

pdr360 Plus

pdr36O Plus is a way for Chairs and Trustee Boards to be more directly involved in the review of their Chief Executive. It provides more contextual data for the CEO and their Board to work with and is often linked to formal objective-setting for the CEO with ourselves providing expert support to help balance objectives and meet both CEO and Board expectations.

What's it like?

Personal Development Reviews at its best incorporates elements of assessment, performance management and personal development. To be effective, robust and meaningful, the process should identify good performance and performance requiring improvement at individual and/or team level.

You’ll like that it’ll take guesswork out of your approach and provide clear focus areas for your Managers, Chief Executives, and Officers to improve.

How does it work?

We Describe the PDR360 evaluation process to your organization’s participants and explain how each participant and their supervisors, peers, colleague, direct reports and instituonal partners

We then liase with key people you work closely with to complete an online questionnaire and provide feedback;

Next, we compile and analyze the completed employee evaluations; and

Finally, we hold a one-on-one employee feedback session (delivered on-site or via video and only by our experienced practitioners) with each participant to discuss the confidential results, counsel the participant, and help develop action plans for future employee development.

What do I get?

When used well, the most commonly associated benefits are:

  • Greater Self Awareness
  • Discovering the blind spots
  • Better understanding strengths and development opportunities
  • Taking control and ownership of self-development
  • Supports leaders to 'get it right'
  • Provides the foundation for development conversations
  • Embeds expected working behaviours
  • Reinforces a culture of constructive feedback and open communication
  • Further develops a culture of continuous performance improvement


For full details of the process, time-scales and costs, please email us through PDR360@blackshawconsulting.com


Our PDR 360 Clients

Meet The Team

With over fifty years of sector experience combined, we are passionate about delivering the highest possible quality of service for the membership in whatever organisation we are supporting.

Antony Blackshaw

Antony Blackshaw


Antony is a recognised expert in UK Students’ Unions. He has over 30 years in the sector, from a sabbatical officer to twelve years as a Chief Executive in three Unions.

He specialises in bespoke innovative and sector-leading solutions for vision and strategy, third sector commercial operations, organisational culture, internal communications, and interim change management.

Hermione Blackshaw

Hermione Blackshaw


Hermione is a graduate of Edinburgh Heriot-Watt Universities and was Student Engagement Manager at Highlands & Islands Student Association (HISA).

She specialises in helping you achieve better results through emotional intelligence and leadership development. Hermione's currently on maternity leave from both BMC and HISA.

Ashley McLean

Ashley McLean


Ashley is a previous Vice-President at Edinburgh Napier Students’ Association having graduated from there in 2018.

She specialises in ensuring we maintain positive and productive relationships with all our clients and is often the first point of contact for our clients. Ashley works part-time and is contactable on Mondays, & Thursdays.

Raj Jeyaraj

Raj Jeyaraj


Raj brings brings you eight years of sector experience in multiple local and national roles.

He specialises in driving organisational income, impact, and influence from online membership engagement strategies. Raj delivers for membership engagement clients through SMOOVEmedia ltd.

Helen West

Helen West


Richard Walker

Richard Walker


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